10 February 2011

My Team F[$]

When I hanging out with my friend (at hostel) just now...
Suddenly I thought about my truly  BFF

We are FABULOUS STARZ  a.k.a  F[$]..
We were seven member...we start together since we enter to form 5..
It was because of we sat on the same table and one group.

WHY we call our group as a FS?
These was because of we are the fabulous among the school 
" sent and receive gossips with blink of eye "
Not only that, we want to do something that unforgettable for our last year school.

Now we were separated with our choice of continue studies. 
Two of us which me and AMALEENA were study at UiTM
DZULYANA and ZACK were at College Matriculation Labuan
MAZUAN continue to Upper Six at SMK Elopura2
Last but not least, SAIDAH was at Institut Perguruan Tun Hussein Onn (IPTHO)

I miss them so much.... right now, it is difficult to us for meet..
It is because of each of us busy with their studies.
Nevermind, at least we still keep in touch ... 


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